West Yorkshire market town of Pontefract
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Normanton, Castleford and Pontefract Tramway
On 29th October 1906 the Normanton, Castleford and Pontefract Tramway opened to public service. Although operating for only nineteen years, it made an important contribution to transport in the Five Towns area and, along with the railways, enabled people to travel around the local district with relative ease.
Memories and Personal Recollections of Pontefract

Pontefract Memories and Recollections

A comprehensive collection of personal memories and recollections of the West Yorkshire market town of Pontefract submitted by visitors to our website and through our publication of the Pontefract Digest Magazine from March 2005 until the final issue in October 2007.

If you would like to submit your own recollections of Pontefract for publication on the Pontefract website we would be delighted to hear from you.

Growing up in Baghill - Jack Downing
Memories of the 1930s - William Wood
Recollections of Pontefract - Marguerite Boughton
Growing Up In Grovetown Part Five - Ken Fox
William: A Constant Companion (Short Story) - Jean Norfolk
Micklegate Young People in the 1950s - Richard Moseley
Pontefract Senior Boys and Beyond - William Wood
Roots of History - with Tom Shay Dixon
Memories of Pontefract - John B. Ashworth O.B.E
Growing Up In Grovetown Part Four - Ken Fox
Schooldays at Love Lane, Pontefract, 1939-1944 - Marian Denton Roberts
Memories of Old Church, Pontefract, 1929-1939 - K. Atkinson
Musical Memories of Pontefract - Margaret Oates
Growing Up In Grovetown Part Three
- Ken Fox
Recollections of Pontefract
- Ken Briggs
Memories of Pontefract Girls High School 1950s
- Christine Rhodes
Memories of Pontefract Workhouse
- Audrey Milner
Tribute to Gillian Lesley Askew
- Jean Norfolk
Kathleen Haigh Remembered
- Margaret Penny
Growing up in Star Yard, Pontefract
- Doreen Gibson
Memorable Moments at Carleton Homes
Part Two - Stan Briggs
Memories of the War Years
- William Wood
Wartime Experiences of William Hill
- William Hill
Memorable Moments at Carleton Homes
Part One - Stan Briggs
Wartime Schooldays In Pontefract
- Miss S. Richards
Market Place Youth Club, Pontefract
- Bob Marshall
Pontefract Market Place Youth Club
- Cliff and May Booth
Growing up in Grovetown Part Two
- Ken Fox
Memories that Never Fade - OLD FRIENDS
- Kathleen Stringer Fairburn
Memories that Never Fade - HOME
- Kathleen Stringer Fairburn
Growing up in Grovetown Part One
- Ken Fox
Finkle Street and Northgate, Pontefract
- Marjorie Fairburn
Roller Skating at Pontefract Barracks
- Mrs J. Taylor
Reunion With Poles Who Helped Wartime Escape

From Cadets to Recruits
- Mr. H.M. Livett
My Early Impressions of Pontefract
- Sheila Richards
Notes on the First World War
- Cynthia Wake
Martin's Story
- Delna Evans
Memories of Pontefract
- Anne Rhodes
Fighting Spirit
- Jim Tomlin
St. Joseph's - An Unusual School - Dave Barry
Memories of Pontefract - Mary Tyler
Grovetown, Pontefract - Ken Fox
A Lad from the Booths - John Booth
Prince of Wales Terrace and its Residents - Doreen Gregory
A Boy in Burma Part One - Colonel Charles G. Delany
A Boy in Burma Part Two - Colonel Charles G. Delany
A Pontefract Families Amazing Military Journey - Colonel C.G. Delany
Childhood Memories - Cynthia Dickson
More Memories of Prince of Wales Terrace - Cynthia Smith
Memories of Prince of Wales Terrace - Janice Bridgett
All in a Days Work - Liquorice - Emily Money
All in a Days Work - Building - Don Lodge
All in a Days Work - Skinyards - Zacharia Crashley
Bedpan Days Part Two - Winifred Bacon
Wartime Memories - Face to Face With A Guerilla Pt.2 - John Green
Wartime Memories - Face to Face With A Guerilla Pt.1 - John Green
Positive Thinking - Unleashing the Potential of Your Mind
Bedpan Days Part One - Winifred Bacon
A Seam of Memories and Pride - David Robson
Prospect Farm - How Things Have Changed - Marion Tomlin
Leo Robson - Pontefract Surgeon and Dentist - David Robson
One Man in His Time - A Short Autobiography - Frank Holmes
Recollections of Pontefract Part Three - Frank Holmes
Tanshelf and its People - Kathleen Haigh
The Wartime Memories of Frank Fletcher
Recollections of Pontefract Part Two - Frank Holmes
M.L. Jennings, Ropergate - Recalled by Jean Norfolk
Pontefract Memories - Gwen Ullman
Recollections of Pontefract Part One - Frank Holmes
More Memories of Pontefract - Maurice Haigh
Memories of Tanshelf - Maureen Holt
2352 Sapper Frank H.W. Holmes - Frank Holmes
Cabbage Cutters - Raymond Brook
Fond Memories of Tanshelf - Janette Birch
In a Nutshell 1922-1940 Pt.2 - Charles Ellis
In a Nutshell 1922-1940 Pt.1 - Charles Ellis
Tanshelf; A Bygone Community - Maurice Haigh
Memories of Holmes Printers, Gillygate - Jean Norfolk


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