South of Baghill, Pontefract

The strong, almost head-on sun is casting strong shadows on this particular picture but it does give a rural look to this part of the town. To the right of the locomotive are haystacks which were part of the farm that used to occupy the land which is now Carleton Glen. The bridge in the background is the old Swanhill Lane bridge that was later demolished because of subsidence. The West Riding double-decker bus heading for Chequerfield is actually passing over the arch which was affected and casued a 5mph speed limit to be imposed for many years. The bridge was almost identical to the one which carried the loop line over Knottingley Road and still stands, albeit without its parapets. 
The tablet No.148 on the front of the locomotive identifies the train as the Sheffield (Victoria) – Filey Holiday Camp, Saturday’s only, holiday train which is hauled by an LNER Class B1 4-6-0. ♠
P. Cookson

Photograph copyright © Peter Cookson