South of Baghill, Pontefract

My serious railway photography started in 1955 when I bought my first camera but before that I had a period between about 1949 and 1952 when I used the family box camera. Only a few negatives survive from that period and the one above, depicting a locomotive on the turntable at Baghill, was taken one Saturday afternoon about 1950. The turntable was a manual one and we used to enjoy helping the driver and fireman push the locomotive round. This particular turntable was installed by the North Eastern Railway and bore a building plate N.E.R 1891. On the skyline to the left is the back of the old Horsefair Methodist Church and in the middle ground are sheds associated with the cattle market that used to be at the top of the station lane. The locomotive, No. 58114, is a veteran of the old Midland Railway, though subsequently altered and the design can be traced back to 1875. Notwithstanding her age, she had, at the time, a good few years left in her and continued to grace the Baghill goods yard until the late 1950s, working the Rotherham Pontefract pick-up freight from time to time. ♠ P.Cookson

Photograph copyright Peter Cookson