North of Baghill, Pontefract

This photograph was taken looking south from the hill which was excavated to make way for the Cott soft drinks factory (formerly Hey Brothers) and which can be seen on the lower photograph above the second coach. Taken in 1956, this picture shows the eastern part of Pontefract looking very rural. Behind the train is the area that was known as ‘Early Spring’ and consists of several fields divided by pleasant hedgerows. The foreground consisted of fields and allotments and includes a football pitch.
The train is the through Bournemouth to York train which had been made up to eleven coaches on this summer Friday evening, and this left Baghill around 7pm.
The branch to Monkhill can be seen curving away from the main line at the left-hand edge of the picture and this will be featured in more detail in next months edition.

Photograph copyright © Peter Cookson