North of Baghill, Pontefract

This view looks north from a point near Baghill bridge. The vantage point for the previous picture was the hill seen above the second coach which seems to have a name that I have only ever heard and never seen written down so my spelling is conjectural; the name appears to have been Epps Hill or perhaps Hepps or Epse? perhaps someone can explain?
Behind the plume of steam from the locomotive safety valves is the 3-arched bridge and beyond that Ferrybridge B power station with the chimneys of Ferrybridge A station just visible to the right.
Observant viewers will notice that the train is not on the main York line but is approaching from the branch. It is, in fact, an excursion from Kippax to Cleethorpes, which has travelled by way of Ledston, Castleford and Monkhill before taking the branch over the 3-arched bridge towards Baghill.

Photograph copyright Peter Cookson