Kings School, Pontefract, 1949

Back Row: Noble, P. Fletcher, T. Parker, Sherwood, Wilson, Heywood, L. Fletcher, Rusby, Stubbs
Middle Row: Dunford, Milner?, Barrass, Pincher, Lambert, Stockdale, Cookson, Pritchard, unknown, unknown 
Front Row: Oldfield, Woolin, unknown, Burton, Milner?, Frank Forrest, H. Parker, Sarvent, Barker, Strong?, unknown

My memory fails me on some of the names but if those who I have forgotten see this picture I hope they will forgive me.

This group of boys at the Kings School is either Form 1VR or VR, depending on the time of year at which the photograph was taken. If it was taken before the end of the summer term 1949 it would have been the end of the fourth year, but if after July, then it would be the beginning of the fifth year.

Photograph and names submitted by Peter Cookson

Photograph added 30 June 2006