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Pontefract Coat of Arms Pontefract is one of the 'Five Towns' in the district of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, with a population close to 29,000 people. Its name originates from the Latin ponte fractus which, translated, means 'broken bridge'. The name Pontefract does not appear in the Domesday Book of 1086 but an area of the town known as Tanshelf does.
Pontefract Castle was built around 1070 by Ilbert de Lacy and as a consequence the town suffered terribly throughout the English Civil War years. Oliver Cromwell once stated that he believed Pontefract Castle was "one of the strongest inland garrisons in the kingdom."

Pontefract has been a market town since the Middle Ages and its location on deep sandy soil made it one of the few places throughout Britain where liquorice plants could be cultivated. While liquorice growing disappeared some time ago, other long-standing traditions such as its large number of public houses and its racecourse continue to provide entertainment for visitors and inhabitants alike.

This website, constructed in March 2005, aims to relate the history and origins of the town of Pontefract along with more recent recollections of the town by those who live and work here.
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